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Equipment financing can completely change your business. The right financing deal, terms, and options for capital equipment, can provide you with the 3 things you to make big growth moves in your business.

#1: Increase capacity

In order to sell more, and grow more you have to PRODUCE more. That’s why you’re looking for new manufacturing or green energy equipment in the first place, right?

So you and your team can DO more, make more sales and increase your impact on your market.

The right machine financing for your factory floor or small shop WILL help you add…more!

#2: Reduce costs

Labor costs in particular are higher than they have been in decades. IF you can find the right people to begin with.

Producing more with the same number of hours of work is not only a good idea, it just may be what keeps you profitable going forward.

That new equipment loan you’re looking for just might push your cost per item and down and pump up that bottom line.

#3: Cash Flow

Here’s the secret of equipment financing or – every dollar you don’t spend this month contributes to your CASH in the BANK.

There’s no need to deplete your cash reserves to make the equipment purchase you’ve been considering.

You can keep that emergency fund OR use it to improve your business in a different way; more marketing, more sales, new location. 

And here’s a BONUS you may not be aware of: 

The IRS WANTS you to lease new equipment! Section179 of the tax code gives you the ability to save THOUSANDS – literally thousands of dollars – off your taxes if you purchase or lease capital equipment.  

[Adia Capital has been working with business owners on Section179 purchases for 20 years – experience matters] 

How Equipment Financing Works

It’s simple to get started!

Your first choice is to either fill out the application yourself here or call in to the office and talk to a pro.

One of the things that sets Adia Capital apart is that we’re NOT a big bank, we’re a family business with big business resources. So we’re easy to talk to – and we’ve been dealing with one person startups AND the biggest companies in industry – since the beginning.

If you call, we’ll answer.

Once you get through the application process, you’ll usually get your approval within 24 hours. We shop a variety of reputable banks and financial institutions to get you the best rate possible.

Once your loan is approved, we connect the financial institution with your equipment dealer and help you with the final paperwork once you receive the equipment.

You get the equipment and from then on, you make your payment right to the financial institution.  

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