Avancé Embroidery Machine Finance Application

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Congratulations, you’ve picked the ideal commercial embroidery machine to finance with Adia Capital! 

Adia has been working with Team ColDesi and Colman and Company for over 20 years. We’ve teamed up to help entrepreneurs and business owners like you jumpstart your embroidery business with the best in equipment, training, customer service AND in financing.  

Steps to Financing your Embroidery Machine

Your next steps are simple:

#1: Fill out the application – believe it or not, it should only take around 4 hours to get you approved  

#2: Once you’re approved, we’ll work directly with your ColDesi account manager to make sure everything is in order for you get your new equipment as fast as possible.  

#3: After you receive your equipment, there’s one more simple sign off – and you are jumpstarted!  

Insider Tips when financing

Listen to your account manager about the hardware, equipment, and software options. This is your opportunity to get what you’ll need to run your business – don’t just think about now, think about what you’ll need when your bigger and busier! A few thousand dollars in add-ons now won’t add too much to your payment, but it COULD make you many-thousands more over the years. [ask your rep!] 

Take the Training. ColDesi has incredible online training you’ll want to take even if you’re an experienced embroiderer. 

Answer the Call – from your Customer Service Representative. ColDesi has made Onboarding new customers and art form. They’ll get you signed up for supplies, training and the ColDesi+Rewards Program. 


If you have any questions at all about your financing options, filling out the form below or the process itself don’t hesitate to call us.

We’d love to hear from you: 

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