Financing – With a  DIFFERENCE

Middleton Heat & Air offers a wide range of commercial financing and leasing options.

All can be tailored to YOUR unique project and financial goals because we work with a variety of financial institutions.

Terms include both fixed or variable monthly payments.

The structure is prearranged with a special lease, which also allows for a later upgrade or addition of equipment.

Your application is both free and confidential – so don’t wait! Apply today and get your approval within 2 business days.


The Application Process

Step 1: Complete the short form on this page. Our partners at Adia Capital will use this information to make sure your application is processed correctly and reach out to you with the results.

Step 2: Tap the Apply Now button and you’ll get a link to the secure Application Page specifically set up with our 0% lender.

Step 3: Watch for our email or phone call with the results! 

Equipment Application

Notes and Definitions

Equipment Seller is the dealer you’re purchasing from. If you don’t have one yet, just type in Anything you think is relevant.

Equipment Sales Rep:  If you don’t know this, that’s okay! Don’t stop now.

Equipment Description: What are you buying? Model number if you have it. 

Equipment Cost: If you don’t know the exact cost yet, just put in $15,000 or or more.

Company Name: don’t have one yet? No problem, just put your name in. 

DBA: Just put your name here if you don’t have a DBA.

Annual Business Revenues: don’t have any yet? No problem, just write “Start Up”

Annual Business Revenues: don’t have any yet? No problem, just write “Start Up”

Business Structure: If you don’t know, please choose “Proprietorship”

Federal Tax ID #: Use your social security number if you don’t have one yet.

What’s a Principal? People that are taking a financial part in your business. Or that you think you’ll need on your loan application. 

YOU are Principal #1! Please put in your information. Then skip down and tap “Submit”