Congratulations on taking that first step!

Now for some quick tips on 0% Financing

Qualifying for the Loan

In order to qualify for 0% financing, the bank looks at the following 3 things:

  1. Credit score
  2. Your current income
  3. Your overall debt

Important Notes:

  • Apply for $15,000 as your standard loan amount! You don’t have to spend it but you won’t be declined for asking for too much. 
  • The loan application may show a default rate of 29.9% – don’t worry! This is a special 0% promotion, the bank just uses this generic application form.
  • This is not a “business” loan. It is a personal revolving credit program.
  • No equipment discounts or special packages apply
If you are not approved for the full amount – DON’T PANIC – we often can get you approved for more.
If you’re declined – we have TONS of other options! We’ll work to get you approved.
Once your application is submitted we’ll be in touch VERY soon to help with the next step with your equipment vendor! 

Any Questions? Call Us at 866-757-0244